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At ZAHomes we buy property. Anywhere. Anytime. Any condition.
With a team of seasoned expert professionals in all aspects of property, we offer a turnkey solution for individuals looking to sell their homes fast and for cash. We are about more than simply making profit, and we are committed to the holistic approach of problem-solving. 

At ZAHomes, we are all about helping people first.

We believe that a passion for property can bring people together.

Whether you are interested in partnering with us, becoming an investor or simply testing the waters to see if your home can be sold, the ZAHomes team pride ourselves in our interest for people and property.

That’s why we will always go the extra mile to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached so that no party feels left out of any deal.

People First

We strongly believe in continuously putting people and their needs first. With ZAHomes, you'll always be treated with dignity.

Mutual Benefit

Because we want to help sellers move forward with confidence and dignity, we reach mutually beneficial agreements so that both parties benefit from the deal.


Because we value our clients, our ultimate objective is to make a sustainable difference to sellers' lives.


A parent site to city-specific partnerships across South Africa, the ZAHomes team hold regular meetings to network and partner, to cross-skill and provide support.

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The Team



Founder - Sales & Marketing Director

A consummate real estate professional with over 15 years in the industry, Michael Bowen is a seasoned expert on all aspects of property. What makes him different though, is his special passion for helping homeowners experiencing financial difficulty, who need to sell urgently.

Michael is an accomplished I.T. professional, property investor, property business owner, entrepreneur, Property/business coach and and inspirational speaker,  who aims to provide actionable resolution for difficult challenges – both in life and business.

Operating under the umbrella of ZAHomes he aims to help and assist sellers in distress by finding easy and actionable steps to resolve those challenges.

He holds an MBA degree from Liverpool’s John Moores University, is a qualified Game Ranger in Dangerous Game areas, volunteers as a snake relocator in and around South Africa and has completed extensive training  programmes for real estate investing. His coaching has taken many of his clients to higher levels of earnings and promotions, through short interactive and outcome driven coaching.

To find out more about Michael, visit his website or follow him on social media.



Finance and Operations Director

An entrepreneur since birth, Jacques enjoys starting new ventures and disrupting arenas. He currently owns Bookit Books  and Kourse Publishing, as well as half of an IT consulting firm, Source Consulting.

He’s always had a passion for property, with his focus having mainly been on the Airbnb market – both owned and rented – in Cape Town.

At ZA Homes Jacques is responsible for accounting and finance, as well as ensuring the operations side from an IT & deal analysis perspective is running smoothly. 

He has always had an eye on expanding business to the United States of America, and is actively pursuing this goal both personally and professionally.

Jacques holds a BCom Accounting Sciences degree from the University of Pretoria and loves the outdoors and staying fit, mainly focusing on cycling, surfing & hiking.

To find out more about Jacques, feel free to visit his website or follow him on socials media.


Tamaryn & Neale Evert

Cape Town

Tamaryn and Neale have been investing in property since 201o, and their focus has mainly been on the residential side of property. They have had the privilege of meeting many interesting people along the way, and when they are not working with people and property, both Tamaryn and Neale are I.T. and project professionals 

Heinrich Kilian


Heinrich has been an active property investors in the city of roses since 2016. His property endeavours in Bloemfontein have largely focused on student accommodation. Most recently they have branched out into providing accommodation via electronic property platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Travelground and Lekkeslaap.

Nick Koumpan

Port Elizabeth

Nick took the legacy property investment course and had coaching from Candice van Wyk – property investor, coach and entrepreneur. Shortly afterwards, he connected with Michael Bowen and Jacques du Toit and became a partner representing Port Elizabeth for ZAHomes. He is a stickler for detail and loves to play golf!

Ralph Hollenstein

Western JHB

Ralph has been operating in the property space since 2020. Much like the founders at ZAHomes, He first started as a sourcing specialist assisting investors to find investment-grade properties.
He joined ZA Homes in mid-2021 as a partner on the western side of JHB to grow his investment portfolio.

Ralph holds a BSc. Mechanical Engineering degree and is currently working as a Project Manager at a well-known international mining supply company.

He also enjoys travelling, hiking, playing golf

and spending time with family.

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Lukhanyo Vapi

Eastern JHB

Lukhanyo has recently moved back to the east Rand and is actively looking to assist sellers in this region


Christiaan Jansen

Mortgage & Origination

Jaco Grobbelaar

Accounting & Entity Structuring

Marisia Robus

Property Inspector

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