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We Buy Homes for Cash Across South Africa

With our ever-growing portfolio, we often have new and exciting deals for investors to be part of. Below are only a few of our latest projects open to investing.

Roodepoort - Sourced investment deal

This distressed property is in need of some serious tlc. We secured this deal at R600 000, and has tenants in the one half ensuring part of your costs are returned from day 1. A refurb of R600 000 will bring this beauty back to life and sell for roughly R1.8M

Ideal for the investor who would like to make this project their own. 

Walkerville - Back to Back flip

This back to back flip will be completed in under 3 months 

Bloemfontein airbnb

Our 3rd unit in this block and with a tried and tested process, its a sure winner

UK - Fix and flip

Looking to get exposure into the UK market… look no further

Deals inflight with investors

We Buy Homes for Cash Across South Africa

With our ever-growing portfolio, we love to showcase our latest deals.

Boksburg - Commercial to Residential

Deal finalized and cutting of ground in progress

2 previous investors onboarded. 

Pretoria fix and flip

Refurb completed, and will be on the market soon

This fix and flip property in Pretoria, we have partnered with local investors to onboard a property in need of some TLC, which we will start on occupation.

This would include a complete refurb inside and out

Bloemfontein airbnb

We took early occupation on this unit, installed a kitchen and started to AIRBNB the unit during the lockdowns. 

Currently undergoing refinance to repay investor.

Bloemfontein airbnb - ISA

Urgent sale by seller. We offered an immediate purchase by way of an instalment sale agreement (ISA) to stop the seller from having ongoing costs on a unit he was struggling to keep.

This unit is in the same complex as the deal above. We’ll now be able to offer families two units or cater to two sets of single travelers.

Before and after pictures of the kitchenette renovation

The offer was accepted at 10% BMV

This unit will be ready for the next summer season.

Johannesburg BRRR

A full refurb after termites decimated this property. Anything wooden need to go!

Bought 50% below market value, we spent nearly double to gut this entire property and give it a complete facelift

This property is in process of being refinanced to release funds back to the Cape Town Property (mentioned a few deals above)

Property Opportunities completed

We Buy Homes for Cash Across South Africa

It is with pride that we get to share almost 20 property deals successfully completed.

Cape Town fix and flip


Fix and flip property in Cape Town Northern Suburbs, we have partnered with local investors to onboard a property in need of some TLC, which will include a new kitchen, bathroom and repainting etc.

Investors paid out and deal completed

Johannesburg - 2020 - Freehold Flip

 We sold this property for a R50 000 profit, with none of our own money down and only 10 hours of our own time in it.

The importance of buying correctly and with the correct exit strategies in place is a lesson for all investors to pay attention to.

House Renovation and Flip - Cape Town - 2021 - Angel Investment

  • Funded major renovations and deposit for house

House Renovation and Flip - Cape Town - 2020 - Angel Investment

  • Funded minor renovations and deposit for house

Freehold Student Accommodation Multilet - Streeten Road, Bloemfontein - 2020

12 bed student accommodation located in the perfect student area. This property is NSFAS accredited, further adding to its appeal and earning potential

Angel Investment - Student Housing - Bellville, Cape Town - 2020

  • Funded like-minded investors with a student housing project
  • Funding for renovations &furniture
  • Great return per annum
  • Growing network & partnerships

Freehold Multilet - Pretoria - 2019

A beautiful home in Pretoria where we set out to solve someone’s problem! Click the link and watch as we unpack her story

Sectional Title Multilet - La Quellerie, Park West, Bloemfontein - 2018

3 bed 1 bath apartment located within a short walk of Universitas in Bloemfontein. This is a neat student accommodation with three rooms for three students

Freehold Houde - Buy to Let - Burgundy Estate, Cape Town - 2018

  • Plot and Plan from developer in up and coming area within a complex.
  • Good Capital growth within 3 years as limited houses available in the area.
  • Rental is self-managed and cash flow positive.

AirBnb - Sea Point, Cape Town - 2017

A rent to rent Airbnb in Sea Point. This started as a househack and a 2 bedroom full rental when the occupant traveled, but since 2019 it has become a full time cashflowing Airbnb unit. It has a 2 and 1 bedroom option for rent.

AirBnb - Sea Point, Cape Town - 2016

Airbnb unit purchased in 2016 and operating as an Airbnb since. Occupancy on average has been 90%

This unit is currently an Airbnb Plus listing, which means it ticks a few boxes over and above standard Airbnb listings.


or view the listing by scanning the QR code.

This unit was fully bonded for 15 years upon purchase and we are now positioning it as a 50% share sale into this unit for other investors, in order to reduce our bond installment and increase our monthly cashflow position on this unit once interest rates start to rise.

Sectional Title Buy to Let - CBD, Cape Town - 2016

Bought directly from a  developer at 15% BMV, this urban professional hub sits between the new harbour arch redevelopment and the new District 6 redevelopment.

all buying costs were released to repay investor hence return is infinite

Sectional Title Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Sell - Cape Town - 2015

3 sets of existing tenants lived in this 1 bedroom 39m2 property, each set taking 8-hour sleeping shifts and not wanting to move anywhere.

We came in, offered the tenants money to move out, which they accepted and took ownership of a cockroach-infested unit.

Within 6 weeks, we had ripped out the entire kitchen and bathroom, replaced the rotting windows, tore up carpets which we replaced with screed flooring and finally gave it a new coat of paint.

2 weeks after the refurb, the property was rented as cashflow positive.

We waited till after winter and began marketing for investors to buy a completed unit with tenants.

Sectional Title House - Buy to Let - Burgundy Estate, Cape Town - 2015

  • Plot and Plan from developer in up and coming area.
  • Good Capital growth and equity potential for refinance.
  • Rental is self-managed and cash flow positive.

Sectional Title Apartment - Buy to Let - Burgundy Estate, Cape Town - 2014

  • Bought directly from developer in up and coming area.
  • Refinanced to release equity.
  • Rental is self-managed and cash flow positive.

Plot & Build House - Buy to Let - Uitenhage/Kariga, Port Elizabeth - 2011

  • Using contacts in the building industry, built a 3 bed starter family home for rental.
  • Capital growth of 50% since developed.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Rental is self-managed and cash flow positive.

Sectional Title Apartment - Buy to Let - Burgundy Estate, Cape Town - 2011

  • Bought directly from developer in an up and coming area.
  • 5-7 year plans include shopping centres and industrial infrastructure development
  • Great capital growth and equity potential. Unit is cash flow positive. Rental is self-managed.

Freehold Land Flip - Hoedspruit - 2010

A rather unfortunate story with a great ending for all. The distressed seller had reached out as the bank was about to move in to repossess the last of his properties. He had bought when times were great and from an agent who oversold the potential dream. He bought overpriced hoping for a surge in the market which never came. When he needed to sell, he was unable to get even half the value he paid and was scraping together as much as he could.

The bank had already started the repossession process and a sheriff auction was days away. We scraped together as much cash as we could in 2 days, which turned out to be R165 000 in cash that we could gather from credit cards and loans.
With no credit history or a lump sum of cash, the new buyers were unable to get a loan, this vacant land was sold via an installment sale to a couple looking to retire from the city and work remotely for 3 days per week.

Sectional Title Apartmnet - Buy to Let - Century City, Cape Town - 2007

  • Bought in a private deal after their original sale fell through at 10 % below market value.
  • Great capital growth in the area, property has been refinanced & equity released in 2017 for re-investment.
  • Rental is self-managed and cash flow positive.

Sectional Title Appartment - Buy to Let - Amsterdam Holland

2 bed 1 bath 80m2 apartment located within 2 minutes walk of trams and trains.

Purchased in 2006 from a couple emigrating from Holland to the UK, the couple had already left the country and with the property standing empty, was not selling.

Bought at 12% below market value. This property has doubled in value over the past 14 years, and brings in roughly €600 p/m cashflow after all expenses.

This property is located on the edge of Amsterdam and is targeted at people looking to share in order to maximise the rental returns.

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