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What Our Investors Say

With a strong and diverse team pulling talent from leaders in their own industry, ZAHomes is a South African real estate and property investment company that provides investment-grade property to startup and seasoned investors.

We aim to simplify property and real estate investing for time poor investors, by sourcing through our local partner companies to bring in cash flow positive property investment opportunities.

Our combined knowledge and experience brings in over 100 years of experience. For more details, visit our Team page.

Move Forward With Confidence

ZAHomes, as the parent site to city-specific partnerships across South Africa, is what brings us all together. We hold regular meetings to network and partner, to cross-skill and provide support for the partners, which in turn provides support for the seller.


We partner with successful investors who show the ethos and character to want to help others as part of their business. If you are into property investing, have some property deals behind you, have a fundamental knowledge in property, and want to take this to the next level, maybe you should start you own ZAHomes partnership with us.

Play Video about ZAHomes

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Review our available properties on the properties page and select th
Review our available properties on the properties page & simply select the deal you are interested in. There you will find a walkthrough video, a pitch deck and a button to log your interest in the specific deal and then we meet to discuss the finer details.
Each project will specify different time periods of investment, different rates of return, various risks, etc.
e deal you are interested in.
We provide you with detailed information on the project and if you would like to know more, we meet to discuss the finer details.
Each project will specify different time periods of investment, different rates of return, various risks etc, and is backed by a loan agreement

Yes, Our minimums are stated next to each property.

Yes. This will be in the form of a loan agreement between ZAHomes and you.

We pride ourselves on ethical and legal business, and require paperwork to be signed so that there is no ambiguity about what the investment entails. 

As with any type of investment, there is always going to be an element of risk present and a project is never guaranteed to be successful.

ZAHomes however ensure that all investors are first in line for the repayment of all monies from any profits or capital made available from the project before ZAHomes benefits from this.

Banks tend to finance the purchase price and they wouldn’t do that if the investment wasn’t of sound practice. Most of the finance raised goes towards refurbishments, buying costs etc.

In addition, we do a thorough analysis of each deal before it is opened up for investment.

We do not pursue every deal and have strict metrics to make sure we’re buying a great deal. Only once we’re 100% happy, do we open up the deal for outside investment.
Each and every investment proposal will contain detailed info including market analysis, financial feasibilities, deal-specific reports, etc. because that is what we require to determine whether it’s a good deal for us.

Yes. In the past, there have been deals that have not turned out as planned and we had to enact the exit strategy.

We always have at least 2 strategies per property!

ZAHomes always keep detailed reports of each and every deal that we have ventured on, and we can provide details on deals that didn’t work out as part of Plan A, why that occurred and how we have learnt from it to make us better at what we do.

Every project has a maturity date, on on that date you are repaid. 

Yes, you may invest through whatever entity you wish, so long as you have signing power and a resolution from the entity allowing you to do so.

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of projects you can invest in at any given time and ZAHomes will always have new and exciting opportunities to re-invest in at the conclusion of any project.

t present, we focus on the following areas:

  • Johannesburg East
  • Johannesburg West
  • Cape Town
  • Bloemfontein
  • Port Elizabeth


We also have opportunities that arise from time to time in the US and UK and these area will start to gain more traction in the coming months.

Dependent on the deal, we do like to stand co surety to  assist our investors in lessening their risk that they have in getting involved in these types of deals and also provides sufficient backing in attaining the required finance from financial institutions.

Should an investor or entity be willing to fully fund a particular deal in its entirety, they have the option of receiving a profit share or preferential ROI in relation to that deal depending on certain factors.

The preferential rate of return offered for full funding of the deal will be higher than what is offered to investors who partially fund the deal.

The investor will receive the lower amount between the ROI offered or the % profit split offered. This is to ensure the balance of risk from both parties so that profits are adjusted in relation to the performance of the deal.




Earn above-market realted interest on your investment and get taught to invest for yourself

Invest with ZAHomes in their “Earn & Learn” program, and earn up to 10% interest whilst joining them on a live deal, with visibility and involvement as the deal progresses

Ask questions on the whatsapp group we will all be a part of, see the investor friendly OTP’s we use, get introduced to the power team, engage in some of the decision making, and more… 

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15% EARN

Sit back and Earn above-market related interest on your investment

Invest with ZAHomes in the “Earn” program, and earn up to 15% interest per annum.

No involvement from you is required, and as with any investment at a bank, at the end of the period, your money is returned, plus your interest… at a higher rate than most banks can offer

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Coming in 2022

Invest with ZAHomes stokvel, either in an earn and learn program, or an Earn only program.

The Stokvel is in process of being created, and you can register your interest to join the stokvel below

Register your interest below to get an update on our current and future deals

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